Our Process

Notebook and pen

Intial Consultation - We start the journey by having a conversation about your project and what you want your space to feel like. Being in the space you'd like designed is preferred so we can get a feel for the area but this can be done anywhere. After the consultation we will send through a quote for your acceptance.

Concept Design - Using what was talked about in the intial consultation, an interior scheme is developed. The concept gives you an idea of how your space could look and feel and let's us know if we're on the right track.

Ironing out details - Once the concept has been accepted by you, this is developed further where all the drawings, materials and furniture are choosen and presented to you for sign off.

Bringing it all together - The final step is to make all the elements on paper come together to create a space you'll love. This can include engaging or working with trades, ordering furniture/lighting/fixtures and then putting it all together for you to enjoy.