Interior Trends 2022

Since it is the beginning of 2022, we thought we would give you all a quick look into what is going to be trending this year. Most of which have developed over 2021 and we will continue to see more of it this year.


· Creamy and off whites

· Sage Greens

· Moody Hues

We are heading away from the crisp white interiors and bringing in some warmth to our homes this year. Particularly with kitchen cabinetry, tiles and colour blocking, either full rooms or where there is a definite start and stop for the change in colour.

Sculptural Furniture and Homewares:

We saw this trend come in last year and we will continue to see more of it this year. Sculptural pieces are an excellent way to break up the clean modern lines we have been leaning towards in our interiors and bring softness to our spaces. Curves are also very on trend for this reason, you can add curves in so many ways around your home. It could be in a mirror, doorways or side tables, just to name a few.

Overall Interior Style

· Classic or Traditional

· Layering

· Tell your Story

· Light Sandy Woods

· Foliage and Florals

This year we are mixing it up and bringing back a more traditional feel to the interior of our homes making it more personal to us and telling our own story through pieces chosen. This layering and mix of modern and classic pieces develops a cosy and timeless space, adding some foliage and florals also adds to that relaxing vibe. Light Sandy woods are very on trend for flooring, cabinetry and some furniture pieces, try not to go to overboard on the wood do mix with another materials as well.


Happy Renovating and Building.

Written By Chrissie Henderson, Interior Designer at Candela Design | Updated 18/02/22

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